Sight & Sound Theatres


Sight & Sound Theatres is the nation’s largest Christian theatre and one of the highest attended live theatres on the East Coast and in the Midwest. This inspiring family experience includes a majestic 2000-seat theatre, a massive 300-foot wrap-around stage, a professional cast, spectacular sets up to 40 feet high and an adorable variety of live animals. Go back in time and witness the greatest stories of the Bible as they come to life right before your eyes!


Moses  January 2 – April 18, 2015
One of the Bible’s most epic sagas comes to life in this all-new adventurous production. Travel with Moses on his quest for personal identity that changes the course of history. Journey back in time with your whole family as you witness the moment God first speaks to Moses at the burning bush.  Experience God’s awe-inspiring power as you sit in the midst of the parted Red Sea.

Joseph  May 23 – Oct 17, 2015
Back for one short season in Lancaster County, PA and seen by nearly 1.5 million people since its debut, Sight & Sound’s original production, Joseph, has joined Noah in becoming a favorite among many of our patrons. Soar with Joseph as his inspiring story unfolds in front, beside and even above you! With innovative dream sequences, lavish Egyptian staging, colorful characters, live animals and memorable songs, this energy-packed show will leave you laughing, crying and uplifted with the life-changing message of forgiveness.

Miracle of Christmas  November 7 – December 31, 2015
Go back in time and witness the greatest birth in history. Be surrounded by the bustling village of Bethlehem as camels, horses, donkeys and villagers pass by. Be transported to the hillside where legions of angels descend upon the shepherds to proclaim, “The Savior is born!” Miracle of Christmas is a family tradition that follows the true biblical account of one of the greatest moments of all time.